Clivia miniata

A flowering stem has appeared on my Clivia – usually, these emerge at the start of the year, the flowers opening in April. It’s unusual for it to flower so late.

Clivia miniata

Clivia miniata

This is the best of the flowering houseplants, much easier to grow than the orchids, and apparently thriving on neglect. Like Agapanthus, it does best when pot-bound and never needs feeding – at least, I never feed mine. At present I am keeping it outdoors, along with my other houseplants, in a sheltered spot. Outdoor life toughens the leaves, but is risky – you need to keep a look out for slugs, which will devour soft leaves and any flower buds.

Most of these plants have orange flowers, as in the picture, but there is a very desirable yellow form which I would love to have.

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