Wet weather

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Getting fed up with all this wet (UK) weather now – it was OK when it started as a break from the heat, but it has got to the point now where it is not doing the plants much good at all. Quite the reverse – it’s encouraging them to push out lush leafy growth at the expense of what we really want at this time of year. Flowers.

I am particularly concerned for my peach tree. This set a good crop that I thought would ripen beautifully in the hot weather we were promised – but the fruits remain hard. A hot August should do the trick, but I’m beginning to wonder.

The only plants benefiting from all this wet are the two houseplants I’ve put outdoors – a weeping fig (Ficus benjamina) and a cymbidium orchid. The fig can look a bit dusty indoors, and the rain is certainly refreshing it. The orchid is responding with plenty of fresh green leaves.

cymbidium orchid

cymbidium orchid

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