Dividing crocosmias

I said in my September newsletter that I’d be giving more details of how to divide crocosmias.

I see that I actually did this in December last year, so you have plenty of time – but I would definitely do it before the foliage dies down completely (it is still probably green but will turn brown shortly). If your soil is heavy, as mine is, I think I’d do the job during dry weather, when it’s easier to brush the soil off the corms – otherwise it’s a matter of holding them under a running tap, a messy business.

Dig up the clump and clean off the soil from around the corms. Discard any you’ve skewered on the tines of your fork (no great loss – there should be plenty of replacements, if the clump is congested). Theoretically, you should be able to separate the clump into individual corms, but I have never found the job that simple. Prise them apart with the point of a sharp knife (again, discard any that you skewer). Replant the corms well spaced out.

It may be a year or two before the smaller corms have grown to flowering size – but if you grow Lucifer (as I recommend), at least you will have those exotic-looking pleated leaves to look forward to next spring.

It's always easier to divide crocosmias in leaf - you can see what you're doing

It's always easier to divide crocosmias in leaf - you can see what you're doing

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