Overwintering brugmansia

Now that the nights are getting cooler, it seems time to bring my Brugmansia indoors. Not having grown this plant before, I have been trawling the internet to look for useful information about how to do this.

Having found nothing that’s particularly clear, I am going to adopt a common sense approach. A place in a light but cool bedroom seems sensible – a fairly low temperature is important, as you want to induce dormancy (in their native South America, they no doubt grow and flower year round). The question is, what to do about watering?

Allow a woody plant like this to dry out completely, and there is always the risk that it will not come to life next year. So I think I’ll water just enough to stop the compost drying out completely. I’ll probably start upping the watering once we’re into the new year.

I’m glad to bring it indoors anyway, as something (slugs?) has been eating the leaves lately – and not only that, but I find on closer inspection that patches of the bark also show signs of damage. Cutting hard back next spring (if it gets through the winter) may be my only option.

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One Response to “Overwintering brugmansia”

  1. SilversteveB Says:

    I’ve been bringing mine indoors for several years and they do fine, but I keep them under lights (see my other postings today). This year I hoped to be a little more scientific and have asked for info. Cutting them back hard is fine, but do it just before spring bud break. You can tip-pinch throughout the season. I’m going to repot mine after the flowers either open or fall off, but keep them in the same size pots. I’ll use a commercial mycorrhizae inoculant then. Don’t let them dry out.
    The leaves on mine get munched by cucumber beetles and earwigs mainly. Since the plants are poisonous anyway, I use a systemic insecticide in the soil mix. Different stuff each time. Imidichloprid sounds nasty but is fairly safe to handle with rubber gloves.

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