Autumn colour

There has been much mention on today’s news about autumn colour – specifically, leaf colour. That may take a week or so to develop fully (though the display is fleeting), but meanwhile we have the daisies to enjoy – asters, rudbeckias and the like.

Yellow daisies at Lamport Hall

Yellow daisies at Lamport Hall

They are good if you have space to plant them in bold drifts, as here at Lamport, where they are backed by the leaves of Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ and flanked to the right with Acanthus spinosus. There are some feathery grasses beyond – Miscanthus, I think.

This sort of planting is low maintance – the plants are close enough together to cover the ground and effectively block out any weeds. But I do think a large canvas is essential.

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One Response to “Autumn colour”

  1. M. D. Vaden - Portland Landscape & Trees Says:

    Miscanthus is a favorite of mine for Portland landscaping. Even in my own landscape.

    Just finished dividing those ornamental grasses in our own yard a few weeks ago. Which provide more new plants, or gifts for other home gardeners.

    Its a durable, graceful and attractive plant.

    That’s the background plant you mentioned. The Crocosmia is on my list to add next spring. If it spreads, I’ll contend with it, because its a remarkably attractive plant.

    MDV / Oregon

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