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Begonia ‘Fragrant Falls’

June 14, 2016

I mentioned Begonia ‘Fragrant Falls’ in my June newsletter (actually, the form now generally available is ‘Fragrant Falls Improved’). This is a tuberous type, with pendulous stems bearing huge double flowers.

Fragrant Falls

These begonias are ideal for a large hanging basket in light shade – such as the one I have suspended from a sturdy branch on my old apple tree. The basket’s chains are attached to a loop of sturdy wire around the branch, threaded through a short length of hose pipe to prevent the wire digging into the bark. The fact that the basket is in ambient light should ensure even growth all round – baskets on house walls receive directional light, so need turning regularly.

The flowers are blowsy, but in pleasing shades of pink, cream and apricot – no strong oranges and reds. They have an additional, quite unexpected, attraction. Try pulling off a petal and eating it – they produce a fizz on the tongue, like space dust (cosmic candy) or a sherbet fountain. Flowering is some way off yet, so the plants will need plenty of feeding to encourage them to fill the basket.